Today’s children are faced with a greater number of stresses than previous generations. They also have more unhealthy distractions such as TV, video games, internet, fast food, etc. PHE Canada and AstraZeneca Canada want to ensure that children have the best opportunity for healthy growth and development. At My Best is designed to help give children the knowledge and skills that they need to make healthy choices today and develop lifelong healthy habits. The program also includes a unique take home component to enable participation by the entire family and make learning more meaningful, real and enduring for students. 

“My daughter’s reaction has been really positive. I’ve seen her grow in many different ways. Starting with the food, I’ve seen her make healthy choices and remind me that I need to make those healthy choices and model her. I’ve also seen that she has been more physical. She wants to get out and ride her bike and I see some development in her emotions – where she’s better able to handle herself, her classmates and then out in the community.”

Julie Ann, Parent

Parents play a crucial role in schools. Your voice is a key in deciding what your children are learning in school and how it is taught. There are many ways that you can get active in your child’s education. If your child is participating in At My Best, get active and join in the fun with your child through the activities at home

Not an At My Best school yet? Contact us to receive an information letter that you can give to your child’s teacher or principal telling them about the program and how to sign up.